Wednesday, 10 December 2008

On the road again - Part 4

We're heading towards six months of my cycling regime, so it is time for a quick update.

Firstly (and most importantly) I've stuck with cycling to and from work, as well as making sure that I do come home at lunch time. The weight loss has pretty much stopped, or at least slowed down to the point that it isn't as noticable. From a starting weight of 13.5 stones I'm down to just under 12 stone.

I've lost a couple of inches around the middle too.

My fitness levels have continued to improve, and I can now (if I push myself) make the trip in either direction in around five minutes, without breaking a sweat.

This is something else that I was told about that I didn't really believe. Six months ago I'd sweat buckets after the short bike ride to and from work. I'd had to carry extra deoderant around with me (and when the weather got hot I was even carrying a spare shirt). Now that I'm a bit fitter I'm hardly sweating at all on my rides. Apparently this is very common amongst people starting back on cycling.

Something else to look out for if you are riding in winter is your bike chain. Don't forget to oil it (using proper oil rather than WD40). If you don't you'll find the chain starts to seize up

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