Monday, 14 July 2008

A common XP fault

Windows XP. Love it or hate it, you can't avoid it. Even though it is on the way out, it'll still be with us for a couple of years yet.

A common problem is Windows XP refusing to boot - either blue-screening or just freezing at the boot screen. Safe-mode often does the same.

One thing worth trying is to get hold of a Windows XP installation CD (you DID remember to request one when you bought your PC didn't you?) and boot from it. You'll get the option to run the recovery console by pressing "C" (it will take a few minutes before you get this option - be patient).

You may need to select your windows installation (usually this will be something like 1: C:\WINDOWS).

You may also get asked for the administrator password. If you haven't set a password, just press ENTER.

When you get to the command prompt run the following command:


Let it finish, then type EXIT

I've lost count the number of times this has revived a seemingly dead windows install, and is definitely worth a try before re-installing from scratch.

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