Sunday, 13 April 2008

Weapon Brown - Blockhead's War

You may have heard of Jason Yungbluth. In the world of comics he is the definition of a twisted genius. Between his own self-published Deep Fried comics, web cartoons and work on Mad Magazine, not to mention his work for DC Comics he is certainly heading in the right direction to becoming a cartooning superstar.

So what has brought on this unsolicited outpouring of admiration towards Jason? Two words: Weapon Brown.

As parodies go, Weapon Brown is nothing short of amazing. A post-apocalyptic take on Charles M Schultz's creation that somehow manages to seamlessly blend an Akira / Mad Max style world with grown-up versions of the Peanuts gang.

You can get hold of the first collection of Weapon Brown stories from Jason's website. I did ages ago, and still find myself going back for another read.

So what is Blockhead's War going to bring to the table? Well, let's let the man himself explain:

Having exhausted all the possibilities of spoofing the inhabitants of the Peanuts comic strip, Blockhead's War pits Weapon Brown against parody versions of dozens of other comic strip stars, from Annie to Ziggy. New heights of infamy never before thought possible will be reached as one comic strip after another is mutated through the radiation of my my merciless wit. Only in Blockhead's War can you discover what hell Armageddon will wreck upon Dilbert, Cathy, Garfield and so many others!

Excited yet? How about reading it for free? Blockhead's War is currently being published in serial form via Jason's website every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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